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  • 1. Vehicle must be clean of any prior decals and washed thoroughly,  if not,  we will charge the time taken to ensure this.

    2. We do require half down at the time that the vehicle/trailer is approved for wrap, and the remainer is due the same day as pickup or delivery.  

    3. A vehicle wrap does look like a paint job from a distance, when you look at it from 20 feet away.  If you stand up close to view it then you will see evidence of the seams and that it is a wrap, not paint.  A wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal that is applied directly over the original paint of the vehicle.  

    4. It is very normal to have an occasional wrinkle, patch, and bubbles on a full wrap.  There are many techniques to eliminate wrinkles and bubbles when wrapping, but even the best vinyl wrappers can't eliminate all wrinkles on severe concave/rounded surfaces.  

    5. We wrap vehicles to advertise your business, sponsors, etc.  We do not wrap vehicles to change the color of your vehicle.  We can, but it is an entirely different process and price.  


    -The High perfomance vinyl and laminate used requires properly prepared surfaces to promote adhesion.  We typically will not wrap rubber or plastic areas of a vehicle.  On many vehicles, we will encounter painted surfaces that my not be conductive for that nesessary adhesion and durability of the materials, such as door handles, hinges, textured surfaces, emblems, rubber, moldings, weather stripping, sliding windows, exhaust areas and some extreme convex and compound curves.  Vinyl wrap material will NOT stick properly to rubber window moldings.  It is not recommended that these areas be wrapped.  With this understanding it is up to the client's discretion if they want to cover these areas of the vehicle.  

    -It is important that you understand a wrap does not provide for 100% covering of the vehicle, as some areas are not conducive to vinyl at all.  Some vehicles have indentations on bumpers and other areas that may distort the text if viewed up close.  This is normal.  In most cases, the images and message will look fine when viewed from the viewing area of 20 feet away.  The material manufacturers recommend a 1/2"-1" gap in deep crevice areas to prevent material failure and insure correct adhesion.

    -Proofs are for just a general idea of the outcome when you are looking at it from a flat surface.  When wrapped, it might not fall into place exactly as proof shows.

    -Peeled or peeling paint will cause issues with your wrap.  We will wrap these areas, but understand that it will eventually, if not immediately, have an effect  appearance of your wrap, and have a higher tendancy to not stick to the vehicle.

    -Die cut vinyl lettering is used all the time in vehicle wraps.  In most cases, the client is not advised of what areas will have die cut letters.  These decisions are made during the installation.  In most cases, the client is only concerned with the overall project, not the individual componets of how it was put together (seams, and occasional patches).  It is much more precise for the overall finished product viewing.  This die cut vinyl has the same warrantee as the vehicle wrap material.

    -We like to confirm exact measurements even though our software programs have standard production dimensions.  We also take photographs to provide a visual proof and details (if any) of the vehicle condition.  

    -Vehicle wraps are comprised of three phases.  The first is the design phase, which includes accurate measurements for the vehicle and design of the graphics to be applied.  The second is the production phase, where the graphics are printed and laminated to protect the vinyl from abrasions and UV rays that can cause graphics to fade over time.  The third phase is installation, when the vinyl is applied to your vehicle.  

    -Our wraps are typically installed in 2-3 days, depending on the size of the vehicle and details of the wrap.  Time estimates are given to our clients prior to beginning the installation process, however, developing the concept and design proof process does take much more time.  Once the design has been approved, it can take between 7-10 business days before we are ready to have your vehicle at our office to install.  

    -We do use razor blades and heating torches on all vehicle wraps.  We try our hardest not to cut any areas of your vehicle, but at times, this may happen.

    -The best base color for a vehicle that is going to be wrapped is black because it helps to hide any areas that don't match the vinyl graphics.  Any base color can be wrapped, but black seems to work the best!  If you have a base color other than black, try to design your wrap with colors that will compliment your base color.  

    -You can take your wrapped vechicle into a drive-through car wash, as long as it is an automated brushless car wash, though hand washing is safer.  Brush car washes may be too rough on the film, degrading it and causing peeling and lifted edges.  In general, avoid power washing.  Brushing windows and the use of a rear defroster will cause no damage to your window wrap.  Also we recommend not using the rear wiper as the blade may damage the graphics over time.   For spot cleaning, use 2 parts isopropyl rubbing alchohol to one part water.  Rinse area completely with cool water after cleaning.  

    -We wrap all sorts of items besides vehicles:  Boats, Buildings, Store Fronts, Ice-Chests, etc...